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What is Bushido Ryu

Bushido Ryu is a way of life based on a Martial system.  For students to become proficient, teaching involves a greater depth of study and research . In order to break this Martial system down it has been necessary to define the early stage of Bushido Ryu so that the student can be trained in a combat system. This system is known as Kempo Do (Art of self defence – basic/roots) and takes the students from 8th Kyu through to 1st Dan.  Bushido Ryu is a higher and more complex art of self defence and builds on the combat skills of Kempo Do Karate. These skills have been amplified with dynamic throws, locks and advanced kicking techniques and are developed  in the Bushido Ryu system through seamless technical and practical integration.

The traditional forms (katas) are embedded in Shito-Ryu Karate (Kenwa Mabuni 1889 – 1952). These forms provide the student with technical and practical knowledge which are relevant to each grade. 


Typical to Kempo are the single and pair forms, these are a series of basic defensive and offensive techniques that have been developed for the primary purpose of practice. These combinations of blocking, kicking and striking are practiced throughout the study of Kempo Do. The students perform these techniques in partnership to ensure they are competent and to build confidence in the applications. At 6th kyu grade the students will then be introduced to throwing techniques that are integrated into the blocking, kicking and striking combinations, these more complex combination techniques require a high level of concentration by the students to achieve the maximum benefit from the pairing and a clear understanding of how the techniques are executed.


The key objectives for the students throughout their training in Kempo Do are;

  • To comply with the 5 rules of Bushido Ryu

  • To follow the 7 virtues of Bushido Ryu

  • To work in harmony with their fellow students

  • To respect their instructors

  • To attain the highest standards possible


When a student has achieved the grade of 1st Dan Kempo Do they are then eligible for further development and advanced training in Bushido Ryu.



Mauve belt  - 8th Kyu


Yellow Belt - 7th Kyu


Orange belt - 6th Kyu


Green belt - 5th Kyu


Blue belt - 4th Kyu


Brown belt - 3rd Kyu - 1st Tab


Brown belt - 3rd Kyu - 2nd Tab


Brown belt - 3rd Kyu - 3rd Tab


Black belt - Shodan - 1st Dan




Shodan - Black belt - 1st Degree

Nidan - Blackbelt - 2nd Degree

Sandan - Blackbelt - 3rd Degree

Yodan - Blackbelt - 4th Degree

Godan - Blackbelt - 5th Degree

Rokudan - Blackbelt - 6th Degree

Schichidan - Blackbelt - 7th Degree

Hachidan - Blackbelt - 8th Degree

Kudan - Blackbelt - 9th Degree

Judan - Blackbelt - 10th Degree

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